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Candidate Commits to Donating Half His Annual Salary to Charities in His District

“The purpose of my campaign is to Make Public Service Great Again,” says Danny Malouf, Human Resources Manager and Volunteer Youth Wrestling Coach, who is a Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate in Illinois.

“It is my declared mission statement to ‘set an example by doing what is right’,” Danny continued. “I am taking this opportunity to do just that – by donating half of my congressional salary to charities of my state every year I serve, by upholding the oath of office in supporting and defending the Constitution, and by promoting peace, liberty, and individualism in a diverse country of over 300 million unique individuals.”

Current congressional salaries are $174,000 dollars annually, unrivaled in much of America today, with the average salary in the US currently at approximately $56,000. There is no other candidate for Congress in the United States who has offered to make a specific commitment to return and invest a significant portion of their salary to their districts.

“When you examine the failed policies leading to the $22 trillion national debt, perpetual war overseas, and unaffordable healthcare and education in the US, you will find a bipartisan root cause going back to the Bush and Clinton regimes and earlier. I think the answer to these bipartisan failures over the last few decades is a return to the Constitution, supporting private charities, and a consistent set of principles that promote accountability, transparency, and self-ownership,” Danny continued. “Step one is allowing individuals to choose how they peacefully live their lives.”

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